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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Have you Seen This Cat?Halifax, NS
Jean-Luc, The Cunning Linguiste
Jess Smallwood
Jeremy MacDonald
Halifax, NS2006
Memories of Freedom
Western Wildlife Unit of the Animal Liberation Front, multiple
Nature Magic
Raymond Foundation
Harriet Smith
Lorain Stephens
Chicago, IL1977
North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office: 2001 Year-End Direct Action ReportCourtenay, BC2002
Laura Eveleigh
Vancouver, BC2008
Radical Pet
San Diego, CA
Radical Pet #2San Diego, CA2005
Stuart and Simon
Sid: A Zine For People Who Treat Their Cats Better Than They Treat Their Lovers
Taryn Hipp
Warminster, PA
The Chronicles of a Manx
Halifax, NS2010
The Giant Dinosaurs
Matthew Precious, Phd
The Kukoc Cat named Masie
John Porcellino
This is About Lion Love
Vivisection is Scientific Fraud
Hans Ruesch
Vivisection: Science or Sham
Roy Kupsinel, M.D.
Woodland Hills, CA
Why Pigeons are Punk
Halifax, NS