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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
2 Way Freak
Crooked Fagazine #1
Jordan Coulombe
Nik Ovstaas
Pascal Robitaille
Scott Moodie
Montreal, QC2013
Dudes! 13 Encounters
Fanny Gore
Boston, MA
Feminine Vengeance #6
Sapphira Sayre
Regina, SK2011
Feminist Collective Zine #1: Sex and the Sex Trade
King's Feminist Collective
Kate Hazell
Jess Geddes
Halifax, NS2009
Hollywood Nihil #2New York, NY2001
Interchange #5
Emi Koyama
Portland, OR2005
Investigations From: The Whore Revolution: A Third Wave Feminist Response To The Sex Work `Controversy`
Emi Koyama
Portland, OR
Land of Make Believe and Dress Up: Some of My Experiences Doing Porn in NYC as a Queer Anarchist
New York, NY
Lickety Split #1
Amber Goodwyn
Lickety Split #8: The Work Issue
Sarah Beall
Lara Kaluza
Jesse Purcell
Montreal, QC2010
Mirror Tricks 2
Robin Hustle
Ms. Direction #6: Gender Bending
Katie Cercone
Santa Rosa, CA2004
Prostitution and the Law
Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)
Toronto, ON2001
Rocket Queen 1
Asheville, NC
Rocket Queen 2: Tales of Restrained Pillage
Asheville, NC
Stella's Bulletin
Montreal, PQ2008
Transcendence #2
Jamez Terry
Joseph Verroneau
Washington, DC2002
When the Crash Meets Something Solid #4
Gabrielle Congrave
P(r)etty Things Press
Whorelicious #1
Lusty Day