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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
A Trip To the Library
Cleo Dawn
Bodies of Knowledge
Jeff Wall
Joseph Cornell
Casual Librarian #13
Ruthanne Price
Thornhill, ON
Casual Librarian #15
Ruthanne Price
Thornhill, ON2005
Classified: How Books Become Invisible
Kaley Kennedy
Halifax, NS2009
dilettantes & heartless manipulators #63
Melbourne, Australia2010
DIY Zine Libraries
Cheyenne Neckmonster
Halifax, NS2011
Ghost Pine #12: Water
Jeff Miller
Montreal, QC2010
Here be Dragons #9: Punx Over 30
Mike Q. Roth
Eric Meisberger
Pittsburgh, PA2005
How to be a Good Library Patron / How to be a Bad Library Patron
Murfreesboro, TN
June Graveyard
Vanessa Berry
Strawberry Hills, Australia2009
Let's Get Seriously Radical about Cataloging: A Mini Zine about Zine Librarianship
Richard J. Lee
Library School ConfidentialHalifax, NS2014
Lukarv: The Illiterate Librarian. Book 1
Flaff Productions
Mixed Reviews
Aaron Cometbus
Not the Chem Society #1: A Collaboration by Mt. Allison's Queer-Straight Alliance
Katie Saulnier
Johnathon Regan
Sackville, NB2009
Radical South
Ration #5
Brooklyn, NY
Special #6: From the Notebooks
Pablo Strauss
Quebec City, QC2008
The Borough is My Library
Alycia Sellie
New York, NY2009