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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Femmes in Space #1
Shay Enxuga
Kate Hazell
Halifax, NS2012
Femmes Unite! #2
Femme Affinity Group Portland
Portland, OR2007
Gendercide #2: Butch Hair Wax
Milwaukee, WI2007
Grrrlfag Dramazine!!!!
Ruben Llanillos
Winnipeg, MB
Hard as Nails: The Tough Girl Compilation
Lauren Martin
Portland, OR
Imaginary Windows #6
Erin Fae
Halifax, NS2013
Nelly Terrorist: Femme Vitale 2
FAG (femme affinity group)
Elaine Miller
Jess Carfagnini
Vancouver, BC2004
Cambridge, MA
S/he's Got Labe #5
Toronto, ON
Slightly More than Sound Bytes #3
Jess C.
Ottawa, ON
Suburban Blight
Don Handy
Randie Farmelant
New Brunswick, NJ2005
The Wicked Which #6
YOBO: You Only Butch Once: Queer Reactions to Gender Presentation
Kiernan Dunn
New Orleans, LA2014