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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
RCP: We Want the Airwaves #2Baton Rouge, LA2007
Real Foney Funnies
Dakota McFadzean
Red Hooded Sweatshirt #3
Marissa Falco
Boston, MA1999
Red Hooded Sweatshirt number 4
Marissa Falco
Boston, MA2001
Redwire Vol.5 #3: NDN Comix Issue
Redwire Native Youth Media Society
Vancouver, BC2003
Regarding Dismantling
Joan the Cat
Halifax, NS
Rice Harvester #13
Greg Harvester
Bloomington, IN2004
Rivet #9
Stacey Case
Toronto, ON
Roba: 1/3 of the Story2001
Rudy (Don't Sleep in the Subway)
Mark Connery
Toronto, ON1996
Rugburn Spectacular #3
Amalle Dublon
Mt. Vernon, NY2000
Runx Tales #2
Matt Runkle
Russian Roulette
Laura Kenins
Halifax, NS2008
Scenery #17
Jo Dery
Dame Bucknbawlk
Scenery #18
Providence, RI2004
Dave Howlett
Scenester #2
Dave Howlett
Halifax, NS2002
Scenester #3
Dave Howlett
Halifax, NS2003
Shamefull Display
Dan Gallant
Halifax, NS
Show and Tell
Rachel Lee-Carman