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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Ghost World
Daniel Cloves
Goodbunny #1
Kyle Bridgett
Goodbunny #2
Kyle Bridgett
Grand Gestures
Robert Ullman
Greensborg, NC2003
Paper Rad
Ben Jones
Rhode Island, USA
Halifax Komix Jam #10
Jason Boudreau
Stephanie Julien
Michael Peters
Halifax, NS2007
Halifax Komix Jam #9
Kyle Bridgett
Jason Boudreau
Ed Beals
Halifax, NS2007
Haunting on Sherbrooke Est
Montreal, QC
He Sees You When You're Sleeping: Christmas Comics
Colleen MacIsaac
Laura Kenins
Jesse Jacobs
Halifax, NS2009
He, Her, Him: Free, Fer, Frim.
Prawns Sinclair
Aylvie Ls
Juls Generic
Henry and Elisabeth
Hope Larson
Asheville, NC2007
Here it is #1
Erin Tobey
Bloomington, IN
Here It Is #3Richmond, VA2006
House of Sugar
How We Made This
Aaron Manczyk
Leon Hui
Toronto, ON2008
Hunk of Butter
Anthony Woodward
Daniel Brandt
Jesse Labossiere
I Want Everything To Be Okay
Carrie McNinch
I Wonder What It Means
Brooke Gallupe
Vancouver, BC
Illusory Self #1
John Bride
Illusory Self #2
John Bride