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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Sparkle and Fade #2
Wrentham, MA2001
Squirrel Girl #6: Love is a Frozen Mud Puddle
Sarah Mangle
Squirrel Girl Book #1
Sarah Mangle
Squirrel Girl Book #2
Sarah Mangle
That Thing You Fall Into
Diana Tamblyn
The Colour of Light
Jonathan Rotsztain
The Devil's Resting Notch #4
Jerry Ropson
Pollard's Press
newfoundland 2004
The Drunken Love Letter
The Ghost of Polyamory
Sarah Mangle
Toronto, ON2011
The Girl Who Couldn't Come
Joey Comeau
Halifax, NS
The long drive home
Nathan Richards
The Man Who Lived Inside His Camera
Sarah Evans
Caleb Latrielle
Halifax, NS
The Most Emotional Summer
The Robot's Cat
Jen DesRoche
Halifax, Nova Scotia2012
The Wicked Which #5: Love and Revolution
Minneapolis, MN2005
The Worst: A Compilation Zine on Grief and Loss #2
Kathleen MacIntyre
Things I Love About Summer
Hamilton, ON2015
This Is about More than Who We Fuck (and Who We Don't) (Take #2)Montreal, QC
To Have and to Hold: A Collection of Unsent Love Letters
Sal Paradise
To You From Me
Jess Smallwood