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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Illusory Self #4
John Bride
Illusory Self #5
Jack Bride
In Your Room #10
Bellingham, WA
Invincible Summer #2
Nicole G.
Portland, OR2002
Invincible Summer: An Anthology
Nicole Georges
Portland, OR
Jaboni Youth
Alec Bernis
Thornwood, NY
Jacking off with God #3
Sorrel Ravenspeaker
Vancouver, BC
Ker-bloom! #70
Pittsburgh, PA2008
Kissoff Fanzine #9
Chris Kiss
Ottawa, ON2003
Le Ben Zine
Sackville, NB2009
Les Mont-Royals II
Alain Mercieca
Montreal, PQ2006
Lickety Split #1
Amber Goodwyn
list #14
Lonight *lowdon* Ontario
Loserdom #17
Anto Dillon
Eugene Dillon
Cork, Ireland2008
Loserdom #18
Anto Dillon
Eugene Dillon
Cork, Ireland2008
Lost in the Jungle
Jason Niebauer
Lucky Comics #4
Jesse Jacobs
Chris Lockerbie
Peter Diamond
Halifax, NS2005
Melamine Carbomb: Comix and Creepy Fun
Mark Connery
Toronto, ON2009
Moonhat 1400 #6
Dave Champion, Sam Horak, Kris Lockerbie, Noah Coyle, Alex Currie, Halloway Jones, Kiah Munn, Craig Currie
Halifax, NS2012