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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Toronto Zine Library : A Resource Zine #4
Tara Bursen
Suzanne Sutherland
Patrick Mooney
Toronto, ON2008
What I Want2003
What I Want Out of a Course on Zines
Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine?
Mark Todd
Boston, MA2006
Y.A. Hotline #83: Zines!
Amanda Stevens
Candace Hare
Amanda Bird
Halifax, NS2008
Zine - toi - Meme: Tite Guide du Zine a MontrealMontreal, QC2010
Zine Liberation Zine
Zine Librarian Zine
Zine Making: An Introduction of Sorts
Walking Distance Distro
Montreal, QC2010
Zine Making: An Introduction. Third Edition
Sarah Evans
Halifax, NS2010
Zine Workshop Facilitation
Sarah Evans
Sonia Edworthy
Halifax, NS2007
Zine World #23: Free Speech is for Everyone!
Murfreesboro, TN2006
Zine World #24Murfreesboro, TN2007
Zine World #26
Murfreesboro, TN2008
Zine World #27
Andrew Mall
Clint Johns
Murfreesboro, TN
Zine World #28
Underground Press
Murfreesboro, TN2010
Zine World #29
Zine World #30
Ryan Mishap
Murfreesboro, TN2011
Zine World #30.5
Portland, OR2011
Zine World #31
Jerianne, Ryan Mishap
Portland, OR2012