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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Matthew Holmes
Maxville, ON2003
I Emote Therefore I am
Michael Peter Schimp
It Resembles Itself
J. D. Nelson
Colorado, USA2008
It's four a.m. & I'm Licking Nine Volts/Anywhere, North America
Kyle William Baggs
It's Four A.M. and I'm Licking Nine Volts / Anywhere North America
Kyla William Beggs
Jacking off with God #1
Sorrel Ravenspeaker
Jacking off with God #3
Sorrel Ravenspeaker
Vancouver, BC
Jacking off with God: Sad Words
Sorrel Ravenspeaker
Halifax, NS
Just Words
Laurie Storrie
Knuckle Cracker
Simon Reader
Nepean, ON
Last Night I Dreamt
Ali Marsman
Les Enfants Francais
Sarah Guertin
Halifax, NS2009
Letters Poems By Shane B
Life In Tears
Love in a Trailerpark
King's Independent Writer's Initiative
Love the Slain
Sapphira Sayre
Regina, SK2010
Man Falling Backwards Down Stairs
Daniel Joshua Nagelberg
Tommy Gunn
Halifax, NS
Meet Me in the Middle
Gordon B. Isnor
Christopher C. Yorke
Halifax, NS2011
Rusty Priske
Gavin Russell
Avonlea Fotheringham