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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
The La-La Theory #4
Katie Haegele
Philadelphia, PA2006
The La-La Theory #5
Katie Haegele
Philadelphia, PA2007
The La-La Theory #6
Katie Haegele
Philadelphia, PA2008
The La-La Theory #7
Katie Haegele
Philadelphia, PA2009
The Landing
Riot Coco
Montreal, QC
The Lankavatara Sutra
The Last Pearl Fisherman in Scotland
Mary Burnet
The Law of Consciousness Equivalence: The Solution to All Financial, Sexual and Political Problems
Neil Shaw
Halifax, NS
The Legend Of Lillian Alling
The Limb #4: There is No Dog HeavenIconoclast Records and Literature/ 6151 Lawrence St./ B3L 1S7/ Halifax, NS1996
The long drive home
Nathan Richards
the Loose
The Lost Neighbourhood
The Lost WagerAsheville, NC
The Love Movement
Quebec Public Interest Research Group
Radha D\'Souza
Jaggi Singh
Montreal, QC
The Lowbrow Reader issue 6
Jay Ruttenburg
Neil Haggarty
Sam Henderson
New York, NY2008
The Mailout Vol. 2.4
The Man Who Laughed in His Sleep
J. Kennedy
Jonathan Pederson
The Man Who Lived Inside His Camera
Sarah Evans
Caleb Latrielle
Halifax, NS
The Managerial Guide to Beating Workers Into Submission
Kyle Bravo