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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Classified: How Books Become Invisible
Kaley Kennedy
Halifax, NS2009
Climax Your Mind! #23
Cocktail Créatif!
Filles d'action/POWER Camp National
Montreal, QC
Cowboy Love
Tommy Gunn
Halifax, NS
Craft and Design History: Reading and Lecture Notes from Sandra Alfoldy's Class
Laura Durston
Halifax, NS2010
Craphound #5: Hands, Hearts, Eyes
Sean Tejaratchi
Portland, OR
Craphound #6: Death, Telephones, Scissors
Sean Tejaratchi
Portland, OR
Digital Denial (Analog Photographs in the Digital Age): Coffee
Dandy Denial
Irvine, AB2012
E-rase #2
eee #1
Dj Ychuck
Laura Borealis
Sonja Ahlers
Windsor, ON2011
Fashion, Beauty and Magazines
Heather MacLean
Susan Driver
Pictou, NS2008
Favourite Myths of Female Artists
Financially Hard Times #10: A Vision of the Future
Tom Casson
Dalston, England2012
Forces of Good And Evil2003
From Girls to Grrrlz: A History of Women Comics From Teens to Zines
Trina Robbins
Fucktooth #24/ Spectacle #5: Thoughts on Technology
Jen Angel
Theo Witsell
Mentor, OH1999
Fuzzy Heads Are Better #10
Patti Young Kim
Fuzzy Heads are Better #5
Patti Young Kim
Toronto, ON1997
Fuzzy Letters Are Better #11
Patti Young Kim
Halifax, NS2003
Golden Opportunities
Simon Yates