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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Hot Mess
Heather MacLean
Halifax, NS2006
I Wanna Be Well
Steve Believe
Montreal, Quebec, Canada2013
It Resembles Itself
J. D. Nelson
Colorado, USA2008
Journal Song #4
Steve Gevurtz
Shawn Granton
Portland, OR2002
Love Letters to Monsters
Ciara Xyerra
Boston, MA2007
Never Knows Best #1
Trey Reis
Ames, Iowa
Never Knows Best #3
Trey Reis
Ames, Iowa2014
Our Date with Alison Bechdel
Sarah Mangle
Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
Toronto, ON2012
Pear Girl Zine
Sarah Haxby
Bowen Island, BC2005
Periodical One
Chris Foster
Natalie Slater
Halifax, NS2011
Poematic Poetatry
Dan Guerra
Psychlone #12
Steve Marlow
Kamloops, BC2008
Radclyffe Hall's 1934 Letter About "The Well of Lonliness"
Radclyffe Hall
Polly Thistlewaite
New York1994
Radvocate #3
Matt Morrison
Pete Razzini
Heidi Raynowka
San Diego, CA2011
Red-Hooded Sweatshirt #2
Marissa Falco
Boston, MA1999
Mary Beth Carty
Lanark, Antigonish, NS
Scenery #17
Jo Dery
Dame Bucknbawlk
Streeteaters #24
Paula Belina
Jessica Murphy
Matt Santateresa
Montreal, QC
Streeteaters Issue 31: Magic
Josh Lowe
Taylor Ashman
Larissa Andrusyshyn
Montreal, QC2008
Streeteaters Issue 32
Paula Belina
Larissa Andrusyshyn
Larissa Diakiw
Montreal, QC2008