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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Femmes Unite! #2
Femme Affinity Group Portland
Portland, OR2007
Figure 8 #3
Portland, OR2005
Figure 8 #4
Kirssy Durden
Portland, OR2007
How Many Pictures of Dicks Do I Have to Look at before I Stop Wanting to Look at Pictures of Dicks
Dave Cave
Cameron, ON2012
I knew a motherfucker like you and she said... #4
Clemintine Cannibal
Toronto, ON2010
I've Got Strange Powers #1
Clara Bee Lavery
Toronto, ON2010
Marked For Life #2; No Better Voice #30
Sage Adderley
Carrie Stefanski
Philadelphia, PA2006
Merge Disorder #3
Cheryl Tapper
Somerset, NJ
On Struggling Bodies #3
Monica Trinidad
Ange Perez
Pete Rude
Paint Me a Revolution
Scarborough, ON1998
Passion Fruit: Anti-Authoritarian (Con)Sensuous Games
Mark Berry
St. Louis, MO2005
Rad Dad #18
Tomas Moniz
Berkeley, CA2010
Right Now I'm Thinking That If I Made This Look Radical Enough I Could Make You Believe Anything
Amherst, MA2001
Seawitch #4
Clementine Morrigan
Toronto, ON2014
Size Queen
Max Airborne
Cherry Midnight
Jukie Sunshine
Oakland, CA2005
Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric #4
Sarah Arr!
North Tazewell, VA2006
The Naked Riot #1Ann Arbour, MI2009
The Next Body
Sailor Raven Wallace
The Spectacle
Halifax, NS2004
We Are Not Machines #1
Sheffield, UK