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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Adventures of Corpritboy #11
Paul Nama
Portland, OR2011
Fear and Laughter
Feminine Vengeance #5
Sapphira Sayre
Regina, SK2010
Herbal Healing for Piercins and Tattoos: Organic Aftercare for Everyone
Anastasia Weedsmith
Calgary, AB2010
Ladyscientist #1
Susan P. Bustos
Toronto, ON2005
Nanarchist Chuknut: What Does it Mean to You?
Running with Scissors
Photomill # 2 - Tales from the Cadaver Lab
New Brunswick, Canada2012
Photomill # 5 - Cadaver Lab II
Kent Ross
New Brunswick, Canada2013
Steal This Idea!: Intellectual Property Rights, Theft & the Destruction of Creativity
Michael Perelman
Pierre Loiselle
Fredricton, NB2004
That's an Interesting Dilemma
The Juniper #2
Dan Murphy
Boise, ID2004
Vivisection is Scientific Fraud
Hans Ruesch
What's the Big Idea? #2
Ian Guch
Alexandria, VA