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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
500 Years of Indigenous Resistance
Arm the Spirit/ Solidarity
Toronto, ON2002
A Commemorative History of The Minnehaha Free State and Four Oaks Spiritual Encampment
Elizabeth Marie Egan
Tlingit Nation, MN2006
An Anarchist Attack on Global GovernanceMontreal, QC2002
Anti Colonial Thanksgiving Dinner: 4th Annual Land Defenders from Six Nations and Tyendinaga Speak Guelph, ON2008
Dangerous Spaces: Violent Resistance, Self-Defense, & Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender
Untorelli Press
Daring to Struggle, Failing to Win: The Red Army Factions 1977 Campaign of Desperation
J. Smith
Andre Moncourt
Oakland, CA2008
Everyone Calls Themselves an Ally until It Is Time to Do Some Real Ally Shit
Ancestral Pride
Fiddle Sermons from Insurrection Masses with Funeral Marches for Rotten Ideas
Peter Schumann
Glover, VT1999
Food Sovereigty, Colonialism, and Building Networks of Resistance
Healing the Earth Radio
Guelph, ON2009
In Support of the Mohawks of Tyendinaga
Tyendinaga Support Committee
Toronto, ON2007
Keeping the Revolution Warm
Kaley Kennedy
Halifax, NS2007
Make the Wind Blow... A Zine on Music and Resistance
Heidi Cho
Kir Tancon
Kerri Flannigan
Halifax, NS2010
On Pacifism
Derrick Jenson
One Foot in the GraveTucson, AZ2005
Plan Puebla Panama: Battle Over the Future (2nd ed.)
Network Opposed to Plan Puebla Panama
Redwire Vol. 10 #1: The Transformation Issue
Redwire Native Youth Media Society
Vancouver, BC2007
Redwire Vol.5 #3: NDN Comix Issue
Redwire Native Youth Media Society
Vancouver, BC2003
Redwire Vol.9 #2: The Do It Yourself Issue
Redwire Native Youth Media Society
Vancouver, BC2006
Selected Writings of Hakim Bey: Immediatism and Beyond
Black Book Project
Swallow your Pride: a queer hands-on tool for do-it-yourself activism
New York, NY