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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
(325) An Insurgent Magazine of Social War & Anarchy #5
325 Collective
6-UP! Keeping Six - April/May 2007
Anti-Poverty Committee
Against Prisons
Catherine Baker
Anarchism and Other Essays
Emma Goldman
Toronto, ON
Broken Silence
Joint Effort
Alouette Correctional Centre
Fraser Valley, BC2005
Firehazard #2
Providence, RI2008
Mentor: Men and the Corrections System Vol. 8, #3
Andre Heuer
Alan Winter
Portland, OR1996
New Muse of Contempt Vol. 13, #1: Prison Songs
Joe Blades
Fredricton, NB2007
One Woman's Struggle
Ms. Kebby Warner
Plymouth, Michigan2000
Race Treason Behind Prison Walls
Lorenzo Komboa Eruin
Staughton Lynd
Skinned Heart Zine #SeisSeattle1998
Solidarity With Anarchist Comrades Imprisoned in Greece
325 Collective
Soviet Prison Tattoos' Meaning
Superprisons in Canada: What they are and how to stop them
End the Prison Industrial Complex
Kingston, ON2010
The "T" Word: Pass the Mission
Asheville, NC
The Secret Files of Captain Sissy #3
Andy Cornell
Ann Arbour, MI
Transitions/Be Fearless
Fatima Shayla Pearl
Nova Scotia2014
We Are Winning!: The Battle of Seattle - A Personal Account
Riot Tourists
Brighton, UK2000
Women & Imprisonment in the United States: History & Current Reading
Nancy Kurshan
Philadelphia, PA1995