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Titlesort iconAuthorSubjectLocationYearBox
Ab Imo Pectore #1
Patti Kim
BHB Press
Toronto, ON1996
Ab Inspector #3
Patty Young Kim
Toronto, ON2000
Bing bing bing
Michael Young
Black Shapes
Philip Barrett
Dublin, Ireland2006
Brainfag Issue 7
Nate Beaty
Portland, OR2003
Casual Librarian #13
Ruthanne Price
Thornhill, ON
Casual Librarian #15
Ruthanne Price
Thornhill, ON2005
Casual Librarian #9
Wideleg Comics
Montreal, QC2004
Marissa F.
Boston, MA2000
Clutch #18 / Invincible Summer #12
Nicole G.
Clutch McB
Portland, OR2007
Coffeeshop Crushes
Portland, OR
Here It Is #3Richmond, VA2006
How We Made This
Aaron Manczyk
Leon Hui
Toronto, ON2008
Il Pleut des Gouines #6
Montreal, QC
Invincible Summer #11 / Clutch #17
Nicole J
Clutch McB
Portland, OR2006
Invincible Summer #7 / Clutch #13
Nicole G.
Clutch McB
Portland, OR2004
King-Cat Comics and Stories #61
John Porcellino
Elgin, IL2002
Loserdom #15 (10th Anniversary Issue)
Anto Dillon
Eugene Dillon
Dublin, Ireland2006
m@b #8: I Hardly Wear Underwear Anymore
Matthew Blackett
Toronto, ON2000
My Brain Hurts: Volume One
Liz Baillie
Brooklyn, NY2007