Buying zines for the library

by anchorarchivist...

The zine library gets most of its zine from donations, but we also buy new zines.  Anchor Archive collective members can buy new zines for the library, up to a maximum of $50.  First, make sure we don't already have the zine by searching for it in the zine library catalogue and sending a message to the collective.  If you're buying zines at a zine fair and can't check, try to only buy newly published zines that we're less likely to have.  If possible get a receipt. 

After you buy the zine, reimburse yourself from the zine borrowing hours change jar or by reporting the amount to the finance person, who will give you cash or write you a cheque.  Make sure you leave enough money in the change jar for change and that you make a note about what you took the money for.  Then read, catalogue, and shelve the new zine if possible.