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Roberts Street Social Centre

Halifax's Missing Plaque Project

I Just spent two weeks at the Anchor Archives. My project was to make posters on Local history, you can check them out here:

Much Thanks to everyone At the Anchor Archives/Roberts St Social Centre. You all Rock!!!

-Tim Groves

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Vocabulary Index module

When I went to the Drupal site to find and download the Directory module, I ended up looking through all of the different modules associated with Taxonomy and I fell in love with Drupal again. Maybe "love" is too strong of a word, but I remembered how amazing Drupal is and how it can do everything and how much fun it is to try to figure out how to do something in Drupal.

Perplexed by Drupal blogs

Last week one of the Roberts Street residents (Macho!) came up with an awesome idea: start a blog on the website for residents to post info and updates about their projects. Of course!

New Zine Librarian Zine

The new issue of Zine Librarian Zine is out! In case you can’t tell from the title, it’s an awesome zine about zines and libraries. I wrote an article for the new issue about subject cataloguing and making a thesaurus for the Anchor Archive Zine Library. The PDF is available for viewing and printing. For a quick read, here is my article:

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Cataloguing update

I apologize for my long absence from the Catalogue Blogue. A lot has happened since I last wrote.

Shortcomings in Drupal Taxonomy Module

As we’ve written about in detail elsewhere on this blog, we use the Taxonomy module in Drupal for the Subject field. It’s set up so that every time we enter a new subject term the term gets added to a controlled vocabulary that’s stored in Drupal.

In search of alternative subject headings and thesauri

I’ve found a couple of resources for alternative subject headings since my last post:

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Zine thesaurus-making fun

Cataloguing has begun

Now that we have this awesome catalogue, our next task is to fill it with data, or catalogue the collection of the Anchor Archive Zine Library. There are about 2000 zines in the collection, plus books and other items, but we’re just focusing on the zine collection for now. We hope to have most of the cataloguing done by September or October of 2008.

Zine Library Catalogue Final Report

In the spirit of zine-making, Amanda and I intend to reformat and publish our final report for this project as a zine. However, for those who might be following our progress online and also for review by our instructor before we can format, publish and distribute our paper-based report, we’re pre-publishing it electronically to this blog. Enjoy. There’s also a PDF version here.

Partial success

Circulation functionality is now working in our system. I’m not completely sure of all of the workflows, but the functionality to check items in and out is working.

Circulation progress

I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough today on the circulation issue.

Our cirulation module needs to hook into the display of Item and Zine records. This was going to require some slightly tricky logic when it came to displaying the statuses of all Items when viewing a Zine record. We would have to build a table in the module’s hook_nodeapi() routines to output html. Ugly.

Bibliographic Records

Bibliographic records will be handled as custom content types in our system. In our current development system, this consists of a single content type called zine (display name ‘Zine Record’).

Searching, Browsing, and Viewing Records

One of the most important functions of the Anchor Archive’s system will be enabling users to find and view zine records. They will be able to do this by searching in different ways or browsing by topic.

Controlled Vocabularies

There are some fields in the zine record table for which we want to use a controlled vocabulary.


The ability to manage the loaning of materials is very important to this project. After considering different methods to accomplish such tasks as check-out, check-in, and review of item status, we have decided to proceed by writing a custom Drupal module. This module will be released to anyone with interest when it becomes at least partly functional.

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System design

We have now conceived of a design for
most aspects of the Anchor Archive library system. We have made
postings about what different parts of the system will look like, all
sharing the category of “System Design.” We have been working in a
practice system that Zac installed on his server. If anyone would like

Tagging and User Comments

The Anchor Archive will allow users to add their own tags and comments to zine records. Tags will provide complementary user-generated subject indexing to zine records. Comments will be primarily used to gather reviews of zines from members.

User Management

Data Model

Last week Amanda and I made some sketches of the relational data model for the anchor archive system. What follows is a slightly formalised version which I have created with a database modeler.

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