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Roberts Street Social Centre

Girl Talk Video

From the 18th-20th there's a workshop for girls aged 8-15 at Roberts Street about what it's like to be a girl. For more info check out this article from the Coast (oddly unavailable on their website), or the Girl Talk Video website.

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Shed Resident Zine Launch (plus live music)!

Our current shed resident Mary Green is having a zine launch party on Wednesday at the Khyber! Come check it out.

The launch is from 7-10pm, and features live music in addition to a new issue of Mary's Zine. Cover is $5.

For more information go to the Facebook event page.

Mary (from Fredericton, NB) has been working on Black Out, a free mini-zine that critically re-arranges images and text from mainstream print media. Having tackled several Fredricton free papers, Mary has been using Halifax papers to articulate media analysis.

Speaking of Halifax papers, there was an article in The Coast about Mary a couple of weeks ago. Check it out!

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Ink Storm Postcard Art Call Out

Submit your summer themed art before Friday, July 15th, and we'll hand silkscreen it onto postcards to sell at the SappyFest Zine Fair.  All money will go towards Ink Storm.

The postcards wiill be 4x6 inches and we will be printing up to four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black); hopefully in translucent ink (which provides countless more colours with overlapping).  If you'd like to send your layers already separated, please do. (If sending electronically, please be 300dpi and 4X6 inches if possible.)

We will print between 12 and 15 people's work, which can be any sort of design you'd like to submit.  It can be photographic, text-based, drawn, etc...

Each person whose postcard is printed will receive a bundle of everyone else's postcards!

Please send submitions to:
Lizzy Babych:
Jesse Mitchell:

Or, if you know who we are, submit them by hand to either of us or drop them off at Roberts Street.

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Fundraising Barbecue and Zine Give Away!

Edit: It's at 6pm! Sorry for leaving that off.

Mother nature has finally decided it's summer time, and so we've decided to celebrate the warm weather with our first fundraiser BBQ of the year!

Come and buy some delicious barbecued treats (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be available), meet some awesome people, and look through the many overstock zines we're giving away!

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DIY Zine Libraries release and dinner

Friday, July 1st, 6pm

Shed resident Cheyenne Hohman is wrapping up her time here with us.  Join her to celebrate the release of her new zine about DIY Zine Libraries!

Zine Release: DIY Zine Libraries
Southern Dinner: Vegetarianized versions of stuff I eat back home in Kentucky
& Post-Apocalyptic Dance Party: Proper attire encouraged.

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Welcome to shed resident: J. Cheyenne Hohman

Welcome our current shed resident, Cheyenne from Lexington, Kentucky. Cheyenne will be here until July 3, and is compiling interviews with folks who run zine libraries and archives for a zine that will become both a resource for existing zine libraries, and a guide for folks who are interested in starting one themselves. Cheyenne has a zine distro called Copy That! and has made several zines including Neckmonster, OllyOllyOxenFree, Ask First and Empower Your Sexy Self.

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Ink Storm Screenprinting Courses! This Summer!

After a winter lull, Ink Storm is back.  We are offering two intro, one-week courses, and a more in depth three-week course.

Click here to see the full details.

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Anarchist Black Cross film screening

On Sunday, June 19th, at 7:00 pm the Anarchist Black Cross will be showing Punishment Park.

DIY Skillshares #1 - Basic Carpentry

This Sunday (June 19th) at 2pm we will be fixing up the front porch as a hands-on skillshare with Selwyn.

The Roberts Street Social Centre Maintenance Committee is organizing these skillshares to 1. transfer skills & 2. fix shit up!

Keep your eyes out for more skillshares happening this summer, or you can volunteer to run your own!

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Comics Consortium Day! Saturday, June 18th

Our resident Walker Mettling is putting on this awesome event!
Click "Read more" to see the full poster and find out about the event, or check out the facebook page.
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Welcome Walker Mettling, our third shed resident of the year!

Our second shed resident (the awesome Shannon Willmott) has just left, so it's time to welcome our newest resident! Walker Mettling (hailing from Providence, RI) is here until June 19th.

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Letter Writing Social Activity Club

Come to Roberts Street Social Centre to spend time with fellow letter-writing lovers, and write letters to friends, lovers, your grandparents, or strangers. We'll have writing supplies and snacks and good company! You should bring stamps, addresses, and excitement! Every Monday starting June 6.

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Halifax Anarchist Black Cross Letter Writing

We'll be holding a political prisoner letter writing hang out, this Sunday June 5th at 3pm in the backyard of Roberts Street.

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Welcome to our first shed resident of the year: Liz Groeneveld

Welcome to Liz Groeneveld, our shed resident from May 9-22! 

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Support Our Space! RSSC Fundraising Week

We've been active in the little red house on Roberts Street for the last six years, supporting critical, creative projects and collaborating with other groups and projects. We are run entirely by volunteers and have no consistent government funding. We exist entirely off donations from our community, and keep it going by keeping our costs low.

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Pop Ed: Tom Webb, Manager of SMU's Master of Mgmt - Co-ops and Credit Unions

Tom Webb, Manager of SMU's Master of Mgmt - Co-ops and Credit Unions

Co-ops in the midst of economic crisis: replacing corporate globalization with global co-operation

April 20, 7 pm

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Interview with Anchor Archive co-founder on These Things that People Make

Sarah Evans, zinemaker and co-founder of the Anchor Archive Zine Library, was recently interviewed about the pet calendar and 24 Hour Zine Challenge on These Things that People Make - an awesome show about zines and other things that people make on CFRU.  You can listen to Sarah's interview and other episodes of the show (including interviews with other Halifax zinemakers and former Robert

Call for submissions - Anchorless Archive Zinemobile

The Anchor Archive Zine Library is seeking submissions for the Anchorless Archive Zinemobile – the amazing roving zine cart! As part of its fundraising week (May 7-14), the Anchor Archive is building a zine cart that will be pushed or pulled around the city to promote and distribute zines.

Host a Roberts Street Fundraising Event!

We're having a fundraising week May 7 - 14.  Want to help out?  You can host your own event or help with another one. Some ideas we've had so far: yard sale, art auction, scavenger hunt, performances, workshops and more.  

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Urban Maple Sugaring Project wrap-up

Last Friday, Mike and Juele did the final boil-down of maple sap they collected around Halifax's north end, even in the crazy weather. A handful of people showed up despite the storm (those wonderful keeners!) and zines were distributed, stories and pancakes shared. The experience was a happy, if cold and wet one.