The Halifax Pop Explosion Zine Fair!

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Saturday, September 22nd, noon-5pm
St. David's Hall, 1537 Brunswick Street

Screen Printing Workshops at Ink Storm!

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Three Part Screenprinting Project Class, Mondays, October 17, 24, & 31, 6-8pm
In this workshop you will get step-by-step hands on instruction in screenprinting in order to complete your own project. You get your own screen to work with and we will cover coating the screen with emulsion, image design with and without computers, exposing and burning techniques, mixing your own inks, one and two colour printing on your choice of paper or fabric, and stripping the screen. This class is geared towards both beginners without previous experience as well as people who have some basic knowledge about screenprinting. The cost is $75 for all three classes and all screens, emulsion, and inks are included. The only thing you need to bring is fabric or paper for printing in the final class. Limit 4 per class. Please email to register.

Intro to Screenprinting, Wednesday, October 26th, 7-9pm, and Saturday, October 29th, 2-4pm
Two hours of instruction will take you through all the steps in a photo-emulsion screenprinting project; coating the screen, image preparation tips, burning the screen, printing, and washing out the screen, as well as info about screens and inks. It's a packed two hours. We ask that anyone without previous experience first complete this class before using the studio. The class costs $25-40 sliding scale depending on what you are able to afford. Limit 5 per class. Please email to register.

Lo-Tech Sound Events with our Artist in Resident Anne-Francoise Jacques

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The Sound Garden, Friday, October 7th, 5-7pm & Saturday, October 8th, 2-5pm
Anne-Francoise Jacques, our current artist-in-residence, presents a lo-tech sound installation in the Robert Street Social Centre garden, based on recordings made around the centre with homemade microphones, cassette recorders, and homemade cassette loops!

Cassette Loop Fun! Friday, October 7th, 7pm
A talk about the Sound Garden and demonstration of the creative potential of homemade microphones and messy tape manipulation by our resident Anne-Francoise Jacques.

Anne-Francoise Jacques (Montreal, QC) will use homemade microphones, cassette recorders and homemade cassette loops to record sound samples around Roberts Street and create an ephemeral sound installation in the garden. Anne-Francois is co-founder of the sound art collective les-son 666 and makes sound pieces for radio and experimental animations.

Upcoming events!

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Our current residents are Marlaina Buch & Ross Macauly (Victoria, BC), and they've got some awesome events coming up soon!

Mariana will develop her performance music project Hunter Rapper which humourously and critically explores food politics and systems, while Ross will produce a zine of recipes from memory with hand drawn lettering. Both of them will look specifically at lobster and fisheries, celebrating and examining local food knowledge.

Backyard Bro Down and Wiener Roast, Sunday, September 18th, 5pm(ish)
Marlaina and Russ are holding this rad event to meet local peole and talk about food! Ross is collecting recipes from memory for his project and wants your secrets.
Bring something to cook on a stick - smokies, brats, tofu, bannock, photos of ex lovers...

Boiled Alive! Show & Tell/Culinary Throw Down, Friday, September 23rd, 7:30pm
Marlaina and Ross will present and discuss all the stuff they've worked on. A possible challenge or performance of some form is speculated. Mysterious.


Plus we currently have an Ink Storm resident too!

Print First, Ask Questions Later Ink Storm Workshop, Monday, September 26th, 7pm
Join Montreal-based multi-media artist Edwin Janzen for a workshop on fabric printing undertaken from a freewheeling, experimental standpoint. We will learn to cast aside doubts and reservations as we leverage our latent, internal intelligences, take risks, defy failure and, with purpose and ruthlessness, alter all manner of fabrics using block and screen printing (and possibly other) techniques.

Some fabrics, inks and equipment will be available for general use, but participants should expect to bring along a few items for the workshop, too. Further details upon registration.
Space is limited, so rsvp asap to!



24 Hour Zine Challenge

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Our 24 hour zine challenge was held a couple of weeks ago, and we have all sixteen (16!) of the zines made during that time on display in the Anchor Archive. Come by and check them out!

Check out our awesome Summer Newsletter!

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One of the projects our summer students worked on was our summer newsletter. Assembled entirely by hand, and printed on huge 11 x 17 pieces of paper, it is the result of a lot of work!

If you're in Halifax you might have seen copies around, but if not we've scanned it in for you to read online! Now you can find out about some of our summer projects, and who our last few residents of the year will be.

Our initial attempts to upload a PDF were less than fruitful, so you'll have to deal with raw images files. Click on the thumbnails below to be linked to a (hopefully) readable version of each page.

Ana Armengod zine release! Wednesday, September 7th, 7pm

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Ana is our current resident and she has just finished a zine about her experiences in Mexican punk and radical communities!

Get a copy of the zine fresh off the photocopier, eat vegan Mexican food, and watch two Mexican documentaries about punks (one about an urban permaculture project).

Ana is from Mexico, organized Ladyfest Mexico for several years, and is an artist who contributes to zines and magazines.

Welcome to our new resident Ana Armengod (Mexico)

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Ana is going to work on a graphic and written zine about experiences in Mexican punk and radical communities. She organized Ladyfest Mexico for several years, and is an artist who contributes to zines and magazines.

She's also cleaning up and organizing our kitchen, for which she gets our eternal gratitude.

24 Hour Zine Challenge 6!

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The zine challenge encourages everyone (from bright eyed to jaded zinesters) to complete a zine within 24 hours. We are opening our space, offering free supplies and photocopying services for the weekend to facilitate zine-making.

You can also contribute a page to this year's collaborative zine or come and enjoy one of our accompanying events listed below.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Friday, August 26th

8 pm movie screening (Don't Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Saturday, August 27

5 pm start of zine challenge
7 pm barbeque

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Sunday, August 28

9 am breakfast
2 pm "zines for kids" workshop
5 pm end of zine challenge & backyard show

Resident Claudia Tremblay’s Potluck Zine Party!

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Out current resident, Claudia Tremblay (Quebec, QC), is holding a potluck zine party to share their new zine Celestial things have fun. People are welcome to bring their favourite food and zines to share with others.

The same as human and terrestrial elements, celestial things have important and serious things to do, but also they can have fun. Celestial things have fun, is Claudia Tremblay’s new art zine, with some drawings that are inspired by the new age aesthetic and The Martian Chronicles, a 1950 science fiction short story collection written by Ray Bradbury.

Thursday, August 25th, 5pm.

Call Out for Zine Enthusiast Lectures at our 24 Hour Zine Challenge

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Our sixth annual 24 hour zine challenge is happening on the weekend of August 26-28th.

This year we're holding a mini lecture event on zine-related topics. "Lecture" is very broad, but it could mean: a reading from a zine, showing a video, a musical performance, a skillshare, or something else entirely. The possibilities are endless!
The line-up is limited, depending on the duration of other's lectures, so sign up now!
To sign up or ask for more information please email

Simon Rabyniuk is our New Shed Resident and Explorer!

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We're half way through our residencies for 2011, and so far they've all been awesome!

Our latest resident is Simon Rabyniuk (from Toronto, ON), who'll be here until the 14th of August.

Simon will go on a series of daily walks through Halifax, recording movement in a journal that will be used to create a hand drawn map of the city. Simon is a visual artist who has worked on several projects relating to walking, and exploring how individuals become aware of their surroundings.

Monthly Meeting Tonight!

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 Coming to one of our monthly meetings is a great way to get involved with the Roberts Street Social Centre.

Our next meeting is tonight (Wednesday, July 27th)  7 pm, upstairs in the Crows Nest. 

Hope to see you there!

Shed Resident Welcome and Events!

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As we try to deal with the heat, our new shed resident Coral Maloney is spending her time in Halifax working on The Preserving Project (I Love You This Much), a participatory performance that uses traditional food preserving techniques to transform non-food stories and objects, providing a space to talk about food, nature, memory, nostalgia, and colonization. Coral is an artist, theater-maker, and urban farmer.

Coral is organizing two different events.

On Tuesday, July 26th from 6-8pm there is a fun workshop called Basic Theatre for Everyone.

On Thursday, July 28th there will be two interactive peformances of The Preserving Project, at 2pm and 7pm (post-performance chit-chat & BBQ dinner to follow).

We hope to see you there!

Girl Talk Video

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From the 18th-20th there's a workshop for girls aged 8-15 at Roberts Street about what it's like to be a girl. For more info check out this article from the Coast (oddly unavailable on their website), or the Girl Talk Video website.

Shed Resident Zine Launch (plus live music)!

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Our current shed resident Mary Green is having a zine launch party on Wednesday at the Khyber! Come check it out.

The launch is from 7-10pm, and features live music in addition to a new issue of Mary's Zine. Cover is $5.

For more information go to the Facebook event page.

Mary (from Fredericton, NB) has been working on Black Out, a free mini-zine that critically re-arranges images and text from mainstream print media. Having tackled several Fredricton free papers, Mary has been using Halifax papers to articulate media analysis.

Speaking of Halifax papers, there was an article in The Coast about Mary a couple of weeks ago. Check it out!

Ink Storm Postcard Art Call Out

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Submit your summer themed art before Friday, July 15th, and we'll hand silkscreen it onto postcards to sell at the SappyFest Zine Fair.  All money will go towards Ink Storm.

The postcards wiill be 4x6 inches and we will be printing up to four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black); hopefully in translucent ink (which provides countless more colours with overlapping).  If you'd like to send your layers already separated, please do. (If sending electronically, please be 300dpi and 4X6 inches if possible.)

We will print between 12 and 15 people's work, which can be any sort of design you'd like to submit.  It can be photographic, text-based, drawn, etc...

Each person whose postcard is printed will receive a bundle of everyone else's postcards!

Please send submitions to:
Lizzy Babych:
Jesse Mitchell:

Or, if you know who we are, submit them by hand to either of us or drop them off at Roberts Street.

Fundraising Barbecue and Zine Give Away!

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Edit: It's at 6pm! Sorry for leaving that off.

Mother nature has finally decided it's summer time, and so we've decided to celebrate the warm weather with our first fundraiser BBQ of the year!

Come and buy some delicious barbecued treats (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be available), meet some awesome people, and look through the many overstock zines we're giving away!

DIY Zine Libraries release and dinner

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Friday, July 1st, 6pm

Shed resident Cheyenne Hohman is wrapping up her time here with us.  Join her to celebrate the release of her new zine about DIY Zine Libraries!

Zine Release: DIY Zine Libraries
Southern Dinner: Vegetarianized versions of stuff I eat back home in Kentucky
& Post-Apocalyptic Dance Party: Proper attire encouraged.

Welcome to shed resident: J. Cheyenne Hohman

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Welcome our current shed resident, Cheyenne from Lexington, Kentucky. Cheyenne will be here until July 3, and is compiling interviews with folks who run zine libraries and archives for a zine that will become both a resource for existing zine libraries, and a guide for folks who are interested in starting one themselves. Cheyenne has a zine distro called Copy That! and has made several zines including Neckmonster, OllyOllyOxenFree, Ask First and Empower Your Sexy Self.

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