About Us

by anchorarchivist...

The Anchor Archive Zine Library was housed in a little red house as part of the Roberts Street Social Centre from 2005 until 2012. We bounced around a few times and have finally settled into our home at RadStorm, along with the Sad Rad Music Collective and the Inkstorm Screenprinting Collective. Together, we all run the People's Photcopier and the RadStorm Residency Program.

The Anchor Archive Zine Library Collective is a group of volunteers who catalogue zines, hold open hours, run zinemaking workshops and events, and everything else required to keep the library running. Contact us for more information.

Accessibility info: The zine library is located up two flight of stairs. There are two non-gendered bathrooms, one with a stall and urinal, and the other is a lockable single stall with a sharps container.