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Roberts Street Social Centre

Zine Library Revival Community Meeting!

Zine Library Revival Community Meeting! Thursday, November 3, 6:30 pm at the Halifax North Memorial Library (2285 Gottingen Street)

How can we make the Anchor Archive Zine Library a vital community space for zine-makers and zine readers? Come out and share your ideas! All are welcome at this community meeting, even if you've never been to or heard of the Zine Library before.

Nails, Make-up and Armours


Fasting: A journal of a plague year. Zine launch and community discussion




A WILD RUMPUS is being put on by Inkstorm/ SadRad/ Anchor Archive Zine Library in honor of an artist-in-residence who was planning on putting on an event to bring families together but couldn't make it Halifax for her residency.

Saturday June 20, 3:30pm at RADSTORM, 6050 Almon Street, upstairs.

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Anchor Archive Work Party! Sun May 24th, 2pm

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zine launch and community discussion on addiction, intoxication culture and sober spaces

make all good things fall apart:

zine launch and community discussion on addiction, intoxication culture and sober spaces

Thursday May 28, 8:30-11pm

at Anchor Archive at the Plan B Merchants Coop, 2180 Gottigen St.

presented by from the margins and the Inkstorm, Sad Rad and Anchor Archive Zine Library Artist Residency Program.

doors open 830 PM
zine reading STARTING PROMPTLY from 845-915 PM
break from 915-930 PM
discussion from 930-1015 PM
hang out time from 1015-11 PM

building on the momentum of the first two issues, make all good things fall apart #3 is a collaborative zine by clementine morrigan and geoff that explores intoxication culture, addiction, recovery, sobriety, harm reduction, disability justice and sober spaces through the lens of accessibility. this zine was created in Halifax as part of the Inkstorm, Sad Rad and Anchor Archive Zine Library Artist Residency Program.

intoxication culture is a set of social norms that encourage a particular kind of alcohol and drug consumption: drinking in a fun, yet controlled way and using certain drugs in a non-addictive way. most social events are organized around or include drinking. this zine and event work to challenge intoxication culture by asking who gets left behind when we centre drinking at the majority of events and what we could do differently.

the event will include readings from the zine by both geoff and clementine followed by a community discussion on the role that drinking plays in community here in Halifax. geoff and clementine are from Toronto and are interested to hear how these things play out similarly and differently in a different city. we will encourage critical thinking on addiction, social drinking, sobriety, accessibility, community building and justice.

click on "Read More" in the bottom right corner of this post for more info about the event (or keep reading below...)

Film Screening & Poster/Zine Launch about Revolutionary Grace Lee Boggs: Thurs May 14th

Event hosted by artist-in-residence Robin Markle. Come join us for this event on Thurs May 14 at Radstorm (6050 Almon St, upstairs). Check out the facebook event posting here.

Announcing 2015 Artists-in-Residence!

Announcing the Visiting Artists for the Anchor Archive / Inkstorm / SadRad artist-in-residency program! Each year we invite creative folks to come visit Halifax, do a project using the resources of our various spaces, and then share their work with us during a workshop or event. Here is the full list of wonderful people joining us this year! 

Robin Markle (Philadelphia, PA), May 1-15

Robin is a radical queer silk screen artist who lives in West Philly and is passionate about education and collective housing.

Robin’s project while here is to create a biographical zine and poster about revolutionary activist and organizer Grace Lee Boggs. Robin believes it is important to connect with older generations of activists to learn from their experience and this will be at the heart of Robin's project.

Check out Robin's event on Thurs May 14th here:

Clementine and Geoff Morrigan (Toronto, ON), May 16-30

Clementine and Geoff are both writers and thinkers. They ask questions.

Clementine and Geoff want to produce a zine addressing some of their questions on intoxication culture, sober spaces, harm reduction, disability justice, addiction, community and how these things fit together.

Thomas Thor Buchanan (Toronto, ON), June 16-30

Thomas is a writer and zine maker living in Toronto interested in how to build stronger communities. Thomas' work explores themes of isolation and illness.

During Thomas’ residency they want to work on a zine that deals with the way an individual's personal experience of mental illness (specifically, disordered eating) is altered and codified by encounters with institutionalized medicine. Thomas aims to further investigate the ability of local communities to create alternatives to this pathologizing of people's mental lives.

Kama La Mackerel (Montreal, QC), July 1-22 

Kama is a mixed-race black/brown working class trans femme grassroots arts organizer. Kama spent most of life in Mauritius, before moving to India, and then to Ontario and now resides in Montreal. La Makerel uses public intervention as performance art in addressing displacement, race, gender, class and colonial trauma.

Recently, Kama has been working on a series of poetic and story-telling pieces that seek to reclaim ancestral and spiritual understandings of gender from the colonial hand. In residence Kama will be creating a screen-printed and hand painted art-installation piece that is an armour that celebrates and honours femmes of color resistance. This proposal is part of a bigger ongoing project that will run from March-September 2015. This project identifies femme of color resistance, particularly trans femme of color resistance through history and across generations, and through spirituality and everyday living as modes of resistance to white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and colonialism. 

Kai Cheng Thom (Montreal, QC), July 23-August 6

Kai Cheng Thom is a transwoman of Cantonese descent and a third-generation settler on Turtle Island.  Kai is a child of the railroad, le chemin de fer, the fire horse.  Her ancestors’ bones were pounded into the iron spine of the colonial nation state. Kai is a writer, spoken word artist, community worker, and therapist-in-training who resides in Montreal.

Kai will work on a storytelling zine titled Loving the Borderline while in residence. Loving the Borderline is a project rooted in Kai's own life. The zine touches upon several interlinked themes including: intergenerational trauma, migration, madness, and gendered violence.  As a community worker, Kai believes these issues are both widespread and intimately connected; as a survivor, Kai believes that activist circles are past due for a frank discussion about them; and as a writer, Kai hopes that personal and collective healing can begin through the telling of stories. 

Kate Larson (New Paltz, NY), August 7- 31 

Kate Larsen is a 28 year old woman living in the Hudson Valley of New York. Kate has been making and self-publishing personal zines, as well as playing music in different projects for over a decade. Kate's zines deal with issues pertaining to living with chronic illness (multiple sclerosis specifically), queer identity, and learning to give and accept support.

As our resident artist Kate will create a short-run of a bundled printed personal zine and new original music release.

Vanessa Adams (New Orleans, LA), September 1-16

Vanessa Adams is a queer print-maker, zine-maker and artist from New Orleans. In 2009 Vanessa helped found a collectively-run community art space, the New Orleans Community Printshop. Vanessa has been intimately involved in facilitating the growth of programming and managing operations ever since.

While in residence, Vanessa plans to finish the second issue of Other Worlds, a collaborative zine project through futuristic utopian / dystopian queer and trans comics. Vanessa will organize a zine art show centred on Queer Futures—culling from Anchor Archive’s collections. As well, Vanessa will host a workshop to create a collaborative silkscreen fortune telling art object. 

Eloisa Guerrero (Halifax, NS) - September

Eloisa is a  a writer, photographer, computer programmer and music-maker living in Halifax. Eloisa left the Philippines in 2005 to come to Canada, a difficult decision, central to her proposed project.

Eloisa will create a personal zine consisting of short stories and essays exploring her decision to move to Halifax. Spanning geographical and emotional terrain, Elosia will write about the journey of living with depression and surviving suicide; the hardships of migration; issues of cultural identity and the act of assimilation.


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The Anchor Archive Zine Library is hiring an Outreach and Events Coordinator for the summer!

The Anchor Archive Zine Library is hiring an Outreach and Events Coordinator for the summer!

Who We Are

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Get involved with the Anchor Archive! Training and orientation for volunteers April 19th

Interested in getting involved with Anchor Archive? We're always looking for new volunteers! On April 19th at 3:00pm at Plan B(2180 Gottingen St) we're having a training sessions for folks who want to work during our library borrowing hours, Tuesdays 5-7 and Sundays 2-5pm.

You'll learn how to sign up members, check in and out zines, catalogue zines, navigate the zine collection, and special tips and tricks for using the photocopier. And there will be snacks!

E-mail zinelibrary at if you want to attend, want more info, or would otherwise like to get involved.

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The Anchor Archive Zine Library, Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective, and Sad Rad have a residency program! We invite zinemakers, screenprinters, performers, writers, musicians, organizers, makers and do-ers, movers and shakers, builders, and/or artists-of-all-sorts to Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Come hang out and do a project for two to four weeks between May and September. We provide you with space to do your project, equipment, materials, and support as well as somewhere to live while you are here. We encourage projects that relate to the mandate of the Anchor Archive, Ink Storm, and/or Sad Rad. Projects in any medium or format are encouraged, including music and audio based applications.

DEADLINE: Saturday February 28, 2015

This year residencies are two to four weeks long from May until September.

To apply please read over the Residency Information and submit the Residency Application Form and your support materials to:
Residency Information and Application Forms available at


The Anchor Archive Zine Library is a collection of five thousand zines that can be borrowed, as well as a resource centre including a photocopier, computer, internet and zine making supplies. The Anchor Archive is located at Plan B Merchant’s Co-op at 2180 Gottingen Street.

The Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective is a studio that has all of the equipment for screenprinting: light table, screens, washout station, and powerwasher. We offer affordable studio space, teach classes and host events. Inkstorm is located at Radstorm, a shared space with Sad Rad at 6050 Almon Street.

The Anchor Archive & Ink Storm host projects and are dedicated to providing free or affordable access to independent and alternative media, art, and education.

Sad Rad is a collectively run music space for all-ages shows, practicing and recording. Sad Rad has shared equipment including: R-16 digital 16 track recorder, DAT (digital analog tape) recorder, mono tape duplicator, drum kit, P.A. and collection of small amps. As our resident you will have access to the gearshare and space. Sad Rad can also provide the human resource of a non-hierarchical improv band. Sad Rad is located at Radstorm, a shared space with Inkstorm at 6050 Almon Street.

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Zine Club!

Work on your zine with friends! Get motivated and inspired!

Inexperienced? No problem! Expert zine-makers will be on hand to help. 

See you Sunday, January 18, 2015, 2-4 pm

Anchor Archive Zine Library

at Plan B, 2180 Gottingen

Contact for more info.

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Zine Library Volunteer Orientation!

Interested in getting involved with the Anchor Archive Zine Library?

On Sunday, October 19th at 2:30, there will be an orientation and training session for any folks interested in volunteering during our zine borrowing hours. You'll learn how to sign up new members, check in and out zines, catalogue zines, and navigate the zine collection, as well as a few tips and tricks for using the photocopier!

Get involved with Ink Storm! Workparty! Meeting!

Do you want to get involved with Ink Storm?! Ink Storm is a collectively-run, not-for-profit screenprinting studio located at RADSTORM (6050 Almon St, upstairs).

WORKPARTY: Sun Oct 5 at 1pm,
to finish building / set-up of the studio

MEETING: Sun Oct 12 at 1pm,
to talk about how the collective and studio will run

We are looking for new members and new ideas, so please come on out!
All are welcome.

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Lying with Maps: Screenprint Show

Lying With Maps Opening
Sat September 20th, 8pm at RADSTORM (6050 Almon St, upstairs)

Radstorm/Inkstorm/AnchorArchive resident, Reece Steinberg, is holding an opening of prints highlighting current and historical maps that are used to manipulate public opinion.

Come before the punk show on Saturday Sept. 20 (8pm and beyond) to take a look at the prints, get a free mini-zine about the maps the prints are based on, and eat some snacks.

About Lying With Maps

Misleading maps manipulate public opinion in a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Lying With Maps is a series of prints inspired by maps that have helped to make a Canadian oil pipeline look safe, erased Labrador, diminished the size of Africa, and committed other intentional and politically motivated inaccuracies

This series manipulates and exhibits maps that continue to sway public opinion and inform a collective subconscious. The inaccuracies in the maps are neither accidental or unavoidable, but are created for political and financial gain.


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Zine library closed for 1 week

The Anchor Archive Zine Library is temporarily closed until Sunday, September 14 due to the Fringe Festival using the Plan B event space and making the zine library inaccessible to the public.  The People's Photocopier and zine-making supplies are still available, 7 days a week, 11 am to 7 pm.  If you need to borrow or access zines in the meantime, please contact us.  We apologize for the closure and the short notice, but we were not forewarned.

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24 Hr Zine Challenge!!!!!

Hey friends!!!! The 24 Hour Zine Challenge is here!!!

Come on down and make a zine with us! We have supplies, food, free photocopier/printer and love.

We will be having the Saturday event at RADSTORM and Sunday will be at Anchor Archive. Radstorm is not accessable however Anchor Archive can be!

Saturday Aug 9 @ Radstorm

5pm BBQ!~ Come bring a side dish and hang out!

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Radstorm Opening Show!!!


This Friday RADSTORM is having an opening show!!!

RADSTORM is an all ages show and space with silkscreening studio set up by SAD RAD & INKSTORM collectives. Now with a new attitude and location.


@RADSTORM, upstairs @ 6050 Almon st. 8pm!!!!!!!!!!

$3 before 8:30pm

$5 after 8:30pm

18 and under get in free. 

First band goes on at 8:30pm. 

Come and support and rock out!!!

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Participatory Action Research! Tues July 15 & Tues July 22

Join our artist-in-residence Son Edworthy for three Participatory Action Research Events.

Participatory Action Research is about the cycle of action and reflection that is so important for effective organizing and community work. As a psychogeographilosopher and lover-of-halifax, I'm so looking forward to sharing and developing participatory research processes with you through discussion, a workshop and of course a collaborative zine!


Part 1) Tuesday July 15th 7 – 9 pm at PLAN B (2180 Gottingen Street)

a workshop on participatory action research (PAR), generating questions about community issues that participants might want to explore further.

sharing skills and information in a popular education model with the hopes of inspiring more critical inquiry about things that matter to us, give voice to “marginal,” rad, unique, collective experiences and identities, and build on a culture of collective learning.

Part 2) Research hangouts – anytime between July 15th and 22nd locations TBD

informal hangouts….a chance to talk about stuff, ask questions, nerd out about research, theory, geography, praxis…. make zine pages/blog posts…
contact Son at or text 403-993-5022 to make a plan

Part 3) RE(WE)SEARCH installation - Tuesday July 22nd 3-6 pm at RADSTORM 6050 Almon Street- 2nd floor (up a flight of stairs)

PAR installation = party for action and reflection, co-creating knowledge, how to do participatory, collaborative research and data analysis– sneak pre-view of part finished RE(WE)SEARCH Zine

The installation will be up from Tuesday to Thursday so make an appointment to drop by RADSTORM to see and/or participate.

(Thank you to ARTS NS for support for our residency program!)

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Sovereign Nation: Paths of Resistance and Decolonization Zine Installation!!

July 8th - July 27th
The Anchor Archive Zine Library and The B Side Gallery
Located at 2180 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS
Opening will be held Tuesday July 8th from 6-9pm!!!!!!

Sovereign Nation: Paths of Resistance and Decolonization is an interactive zine installation being held at The Anchor Archive Zine Library from Tuesday, July 8th to Sunday, July 27th. This collection of zines has been individually selected to consist common themes which pertain to issues of sovereignty and decolonization. While both of these themes are generally associated with practices of Indigeneity, these practices also apply to those who consider themselves activist and allies. Many of the Zines chosen for the exhibition have common guides that assist with food sovereignty, political activism and community organizing. Over 100 zines were collected from the Anchor Archive to share with the community. These zines can be used as stepping stones to learn more on decolonizing practices such as dumpster diving, art making, and how to participate in active resistance.

Sovereign Nation is organized and curated by collaborators Laura Grier and Laura Baker-Roberts. Laura Grier, summer communications and events coordinator for the Anchor Archive, is an indigenous artist and activist from Alberta. Laura Baker-Roberts is an artist, arts organizer and environmental activist living in Halifax. Both Laura and Laura are student leaders on the Student Union of NSCAD University (SUNSCAD) and very passionate about issues concerning social and environmental justice.

This exhibition has been made possible by the members and volunteers of the Anchor Archive community ♥

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